Perl/CPAN v. Ruby ?

Gareth Kirwan gbjk at
Thu Mar 9 15:16:43 GMT 2006

>Je 2006-03-09 14:09:29 +0000, Gareth Kirwan skribis:
>> How many times can you fit "ajax" into an email... Let's all try it.
>> God I hate this obsession with something just because 
>there's an acronym for
>> it now.
>The pervasiveness of this Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
>thingie sure is frustrating...

Heh. I see your point, but I wasn't saying that I have a problem with the
popularity of the acronym.
I have a problem with the fact that it *takes* an acronym for something to
become popular.
We've been using JavaScript to dynamically generate requests for new
JavaScript from the server for about 5 years.
What bothers me also is that most of the time, "ajax" is using an
XMLRequeest to send back nearly pure JavaScript, which just seems plain
wrong to me.
Why not generate a script tag and do things the way they were intended, so
that you don't have to actually exec the "XML" response.


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