Perl/CPAN v. Ruby ?

Dan Sheppard dan at
Mon Mar 13 14:48:45 GMT 2006

Dan Sheppard wrote:
> It's useful though, in the eternal fight with management and clients. 
> REST, for example, by its mere existence as an acronym, has proved a 
> valuable tool in preventing the once inexorable rise of the idiocy of 
> heavyweight SOAPy interfaces, whilst meaning little more than "doing the 
> bloody obvious".

I just thought of another one: podcasting. When you suggested non-streamed files 
to allow archival, play-on-demand, and the like you either got dimsissed as a 
strange geek or got told that you were only suggesting it because you weren't a 
lawyer, and it would cause the collapse of civilisation. Now all you have to ask 
for is a podcast.

And all of a sudden we're bizarrely thrown back into the strange world of 1960s 
"tape clubs", only much less "George and Maud sitting on the deck-chairs at 
Shanklin talking about ornithology and the roadworks on the north circular" and 
much more "Quentin sitting in a coffee shop talking about the latest chrome for 
MacOS-X and a short story he's just written about people in coffeee shops 
talking about sex and MacOS-X".

It is a strange strange world.


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