[JOB] Perl Programmers for Lisbon

Luis Motta Campos monsieur_champs at yahoo.com.br
Wed Mar 15 00:18:22 GMT 2006

   Hi M[ou]ngers.

   If you like warm weather and living close to the sea, please read on. 
This is for you ;-)

   My company (a french multinational consulting corporation) is hiring 
three or four programmers (Perl, linux, world wide web, XML, HTTP, HTML, 
Mason, TT2, DBI, DBD::Oracle, DBD::msqyl, DBD::pg, other interesting 
perl modules) for work in Lisbon.

   Don't worry about speaking portguese. Its not necessary at all. ;-)

   Sorry I can't give a lot more details right now.
   If you're interested, please contact me by mail (offlist, 
monsieur_champs at yahoo.com.br) or phone +351 916 311 221 (please be kind, 
I'm not a native english speaker)

   Ah! If you run a group in EU, please forward this to your group, or 
to someone that lives in EU and you think could be interested on living 
and working in Lisbon.

  Luis Motta Campos is Software Engineer, Oracle OCP/DBA, Un*x
  Sysadmin, Member of {Lisbon,São Paulo,Cascavel,Brasil,London}
  Perl Mongers and Perl Fanatic Evangelist

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