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>>>>> "David" == David Cantrell <david at> writes:

David> On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 05:42:21PM -0000, McGlinchy, Alistair wrote:
>> > are hidden #tt and #cdbi aliases to #catalyst on magnet that 
>> Is it just me, or does every else read "CDBI" as "CDBDI"? As in:

David> No.

>> Seedy: A B C D goldfish?
>> Abie:  C D, M N O goldfish!
>> Seedy: S T R goldfish, C D B D I.

David> Huh?  What language is that meant to be?

Read it aloud.

Like David Lee Roth's album: "O U 8 1 2".

D B S A B Z B.

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