TT on teh 1rc

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Thu Mar 16 17:29:35 GMT 2006

David Cantrell wrote:
> Ay Bee Sea Dee goldfish
> Sea Dee Em En Oh goldfish
> Ess Tee Are goldfish Sea Dee Bee Dee Eye
> Still makes no fucking sense at all.

Nope, here either.

>>C D B
>>D B S A B Z B.
> Sea Dee Bee
> Dee Bee Ess Ay Bee Zed Bee
> Nope, that makes no sense either.
> Someone did send me offlist a translation from Stupid to English.  In
> the spirit of that translation, I offer you ...
> R S Q R O D C C!

Sorry, is this something you came up with yourself? Is it meant to be 
easy or difficult to understand?

It makes no sense to me, althouhg I can't help reading it as "Arse 
Skewer *mumble* *mumble* *something*"


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