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Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at
Thu Mar 16 19:29:19 GMT 2006

>>>>> "DPaul" == Paul Makepeace < at> writes:

DPaul> It has been discussed in entirety before, is completely unproductive,
DPaul> and has a tendency to waste time. And that's all beside you (Randal)
DPaul> having stated your position on this probably about half a dozen times
DPaul> before.

OK, next time someone complains to me about something that is the fault of the
mailing list, I will simply make reference to the previous discussions as:

        please grep /reply-to/ archive-for-this-list

And leave it at that.  Thanks.  Noted.

And to others, note that I will do that, so don't whine to me about something
that is the fault of the mailing-list setting. :)

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