The patten of silence

Andy Armstrong andy at
Mon Mar 20 15:40:40 GMT 2006

On 20 Mar 2006, at 15:05, michael wrote:
> I've a large number of wav files,  some of which have the recording  
> has
> messed up leaving periods of silence
> Audio::FindChunks looks like it may help I could by testing if it  
> breaks a
> file on a 10 second silence
> Are there any better solutions?  For bonus points it would be nice to
> automatically screen the files for pop and crackle.

Audio::Data looks like a good starting point:

Assuming it does what it says on the tin it should be fairly easy to  
use it to find (and edit out) silences.

Finding pop and crackle is harder - unless the files have an intro or  
outro that's supposed to be silent on which pop and crackle would be  
superimposed. You may have to roll your sleeves up and use some of  
the DSP functions Audio::Data exposes to tackle that.

Andy Armstrong,

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