What's Wrong With ORM

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Fri Mar 24 08:52:46 GMT 2006

On 23 Mar 2006, at 23:09, Dave Cross wrote:

> Slides from tonight's little rant are online at
>   http://dave.org.uk/talks/lpm/2006/orm/

here's a suggested patch ...

No Metadata (Excuse 3)

* "if we put our business logic in the database it will be
    really hard to change databases in the future"

* if you aren't using any features of your database why would
   you ever want to change database

* software is more likely to change than business rules


disclaimer: i saw this argument on a blog/page recently and I'm
afraid a search through delicious/google can't show me where i got
it from. so it's not mine, but i agree with it.

and of course there are some database features that might make
you want to change database that are not metadata related, e.g.
synchronization. (if the feature you are changing database to get
is transactions, you're not using a real database anyway ;-) ).


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