Bryar and friends

David Cantrell david at
Wed Mar 29 23:28:08 BST 2006

Bryar seems to do just what I need.  Yay!  And it's nice n hackable.
More yay!

I'm having one little problem with it, in that I can't seem to get it to
spit out entries older than recent() like this ...

[% FOREACH entry = bryar.config.source.all_documents(bryar.config) %]
  [% entry.title %]<br>
[% END %]

which, by my reading of the docs etc should work, but I don't care for
now, I just patched the TT renderer to pass EVAL_PERL to TT and do this

[% PERL %] print `./` [% END %]

which does the job well enough, although at the cost of slurping Bryar
and TT into memory *again*.

Give me another few months and I might get round to writing a Thingy to
slurp all my stuff off Livejournal and into Bryar.  Or I might not, cos
I'm lazy.  Either way, Bryar has amused me for a couple of evenings,
which is good.  I owe Simon beer.

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