Sharing mouse & keyboard

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Fri Mar 31 16:28:04 BST 2006

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> I have four monitor rig spread over a OS X and a linux box, two each. I
> keep instinctively moving the wrong mouse and hoping it'll bounce across
> into (onto?) the other two. That made me wonder how possible that was
> and after a while it seemed imminently feasible to the point I figured
> someone might've done it. Anyone know of such a beast?

I know this sounds obvious but a 4 port KVM?

If you have multiple monitors and like it like that...
There was a project covering Nway "slide" - one mouse and 
keyboard with the mouse sliding between N monitors directing keyboard 
traffic to follow the mouse. Very fancy - dunno if they released
files yet and it was over a year ago I last looked.

I use a 2 port KVM dongle for my main home desktop and this works a 
treat - even with a longin KVM extended to that system are at one
en of the room and me the other. (Glass desks look much better
when there is nothing below but cables ;-)

If I ever get paid again, I may just need to upgrade to a 4 way myself.
Mind you if that happens, I will probably get one of these (half-joke)

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