three counties-pm anyone :-)

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Fri Mar 31 17:29:15 BST 2006

Ok so the trip into the smoke is a long one for us yokels out in the 
sticks - also there seems to be a few really good perl shops
in this area so...

Assuming there are enough peeps interested I am giving serious 
consideration to a "thames valley" or "three counties" meeting for all
those huddled masses who cannot endure the cattle wagon trip into and
out of "thar big city".

The big question
Who to the west of london (I am smack dab on the surrey/hants/berks 
borders) is even remotely interested in meeting up for socials
and other stuff around the following locations.

  1) Reading/bracknell/maidenhead/windor
  2) Camberley/farnborough/aldershot/guildford
  3) anywhere else that may end up being central.

I assumed reading/guildford as they are the main rail hubs in this neck 
of the woods.

Also if someone wants to suggest an existing LUG meet or similar :-)


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