three counties-pm anyone :-)

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Sat Apr 1 00:20:49 BST 2006

James Davis wrote:
> Jacqui Caren wrote:
>>Assuming there are enough peeps interested I am giving serious
>>consideration to a "thames valley" or "three counties" meeting for all
>>those huddled masses who cannot endure the cattle wagon trip into and
>>out of "thar big city".
> There's meant to be an Oxford PM but the list died and my e-mails to the
> bods go unanswered. There are plenty of qualified and interesting
> people in the area to go on the list and I'd be willing to look after
> the list but I'm stuck! :(

Oxford is an hours drive for me - it is almost as bad as london :-(
Folks down Guildford way are even less likey to consider Oxford nearby.
Also I LIKE the l-pm list - BPP just "sounds right" :-)

Seriously if folks want to meet up for a drink say near guildford
(I know one other perl bod in Godalming c/w broken leg who would
  likely attend) I am interested.

OTOH Reading/wokingham/bracknell/camberly/Fboro/Maidenhead could
very well be frequented by perl folks working in that area.
(hint hint Neil! :-)

Personally I think it would be best if we stuck to the l-pm list
but meeting other local perl folks for a quite social sounds
like fun.


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