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Paul Makepeace at
Mon Apr 3 11:32:33 BST 2006

Je 2006-04-03 11:11:37 +0100, Dirk Koopman skribis:
> It seems to be very difficult to get a "middle of the road" jobbing perl
> programmer. One that a) knows perl reasonably well, b) writes straight
> forward, easy to read code and c) is not a zealot on some particular
> aspect of the language that no-one else really understands or cares
> about which then gets in the (different) way of point b).

Programmers who are competent in more than one language tend to be less
zealous about languages, IME. A coder who only knows one language well
will see other languages or their adoption as a threat whereas someone
who knows >1 a) presumably can appreciated that language X isn't perfect
in all regards b) is over any fear of adding another language notch to
their bedpost.

> Perl also seems to be a very difficult language to test "competence"
> in.  

How so? Brainbench seem to do adequately, and there are plenty of
programming tests that could be adapted to perl.


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