monday morning pick me up

Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Mon Apr 3 13:27:00 BST 2006

>> For example, is O'Reilly paying anything for ""?
> O'Reilly pays *everything* for - the site, the hosting, the articles,
> everything. They run it.

And they make good money from it.

All those costs are chicken feed compared to the revenue from Perl book 

If it's such a burden for Tim O'Reilly to pay for *everything* - then 
maybe he should give it back to the TPF? ;-)

Does the TPF own the trade mark in Perl? If they do, then it's perfectly
reasonable for O'Reilly to pay a licence fee for ""?

I suspect the horse has bolted on "" - but that doesn't mean an
incoming TPF president can't be canny in future - which is my point ... we
should learn from Java(tm) etc.

If part of the role of the TPF is to "hold the keys" for Perl then proper 
handling of the IP and trade marks has got to be their first 
responsibility with commercialisation for the good of the community coming 
a close second.


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