monday morning pick me up

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Mon Apr 3 13:54:03 BST 2006

Nigel Hamilton wrote:
> For example, is O'Reilly paying anything for ""? How about 
> ActiveState, GeekCruise etc?

IIRC Activestate hired a lot of people to work on perl both porting to
windows and doing generic perl work.

Are you saying that anyone using or supporting perl commercially should 
pay for it? IMHO that is a great way to kill it off.

> All these companies make $$$$$ out of their association with Perl - but 
> what do they pay for it?

You seriously think this will make money and not cost more to enforce?
If this was in place when we setup the perl clinic we would not have
bothered. TPC was never intended to make money.

> Sun has made mega-bucks out of licensing the brand for Java(tm) and 
> there's no reason why Perl can't be canny here too.

Ah but they had a good reason - they did not want thier product diluted 
by a competitor - IMHO Perl has already sold out to that same competitor
which is why perl under windows sucks big time. If you cannot beat them
hire them and f*k things up, then sack em.


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