monday morning pick me up

Aaron Trevena aaron.trevena at
Mon Apr 3 17:17:39 BST 2006

On 03/04/06, Aaron Trevena <aaron.trevena at> wrote:
> O Reilly provide stuff like licensing the camel logo, which they
> certainly don't have to, as well as sites like and
> Their commitment to perl through donations, sponsership,
> publishing books, conferences, websites etc has great benefits.

Of course it's not just O Reilly, although they are the first that
come to mind.. other Publishers like Manning, A Press, etc all make a
difference, as do IBM, ActiveState, etc.

Given the OSDL's purpose is to develop open source, I'd sooner see
them put their hand in their pocket for projects beyond just Linux,
like Perl and I think that's a better direction to look for extra

I think several people have said, that people's time and ideas are
more needed than hard cash, although hard cash can buy some people's
time for stuff like recent grants for parrot, etc, it doesn't solve
problems of organisation, project management, cat herding and making
perl cooler.


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