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Luis Motta Campos monsieur_champs at yahoo.com.br
Tue Apr 4 11:03:09 BST 2006

Pedro Figueiredo wrote:
> On 3 Apr 2006, at 18:52, Simon Cozens wrote:
>> We need Xanadu.
> please tell me that's not still around (as in, being developed).
> -- 
> http://pedrofigueiredo.org/
> bgp is for those who can't keep it static long enough

   OK, I will not say anything. ;-)
   But Wikipedia have some links to the pages of Xanadu, and to other 
projects like it that are trying to achieve the same objective... ;-)


   * http://xanadu.com/ – the official site
   * http://xanadu.com.au/ – an active site
   * http://www.udanax.com/ – the opensource release of the advances
   * http://www.abora.org/links.html – links to Xanadu projects
   * http://www.sunless-sea.net/ – the Xanadu Cyberarcheology Project
   * http://hyperworlds.org/ – web replacement projects
   * http://xanadu.meetup.com/ – Xanadu Meet-up

   Sorry, friend. Some skeletons never move out from the closet.
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