[OT - sort of] European SVG Workshop

Ronan Oger ronan at roasp.com
Thu Apr 6 01:03:25 BST 2006

Sorry about the cross-post. It's not in London, and it's not Perl. But since 
there are 80+ SVG modules on CPAN, and since the bulk of SVG London Users 
Group attendees were from London.pm, I thought this was worth a notification 

There will be some Perl demonstrations by yours truly, and I thought that the 
people here that are interested in perlesque SVG generation and munging might 
care about this.

11-12 may, 2006 Zurich
Intercontinental Zurich

Confirmed participants include Bitflash, Opera, Chris Lilley, me, Dotuscomus, 
and Vectoreal, and ITC. Tentative participants include Ikivo, Swisscom 
Mobile, and Sunrise.

Also, if you know of anyone who would be interested in a concentrated 2-day 
svg-services+svg-solutions+svg-platforms meeting, please pass this on to 
them. We are 1/3 full, and are looking for both speakers and meaningful 
non-speaking participants.  

People attending to present an open-source or non-profit topic are eligible 
for a 50% discount in the workshop fee.
All the best,

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