[ANNOUNCE] [REMINDER] Social Tonight - The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

Ian Malpass ian at indecorous.com
Thu Apr 6 16:48:19 BST 2006

Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
> On 6 Apr 2006, at 14:57, Randy J. Ray wrote:
>>> how far are we going to take the canadian theme tonight? i mean is  one
>>> half of us going to talk in french and the other half in english,  with
>>> us all waiting for the government to buy the drinks?
>> I've been advised that I might want to pass myself off as Canadian,  
>> at least in mainland Europe, once I move over there. Word is, the  US 
>> isn't a popular in the rest of the world as it used to be :-).
> Americans are still generally treated with benign condescension. No-one
> blames you for your government.

Unless you wear these: <http://www.thoseshirts.com/bushshirts.html>. 
Then you get your fair share of blame.


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