[Off-topic] potrace

danny staple danny at orionrobots.co.uk
Mon Apr 17 17:03:38 BST 2006

On 17/04/06, Pete Sergeant <pete at clueball.com> wrote:
> I've been playing with potrace today. It's really cool. I've been turning
> lots of bitmaps on my system in to vector graphics, and making them in to
> t-shirts :-)
> It turns bitmaps in to vector graphics, really well:
> http://potrace.sourceforge.net/samples.html
> +Pete

Nice. I remember a mention of it recently in one of the linux mags
with relation to one of the vector drawing packages.

I might add potrace as an alternative step in PDFScan, using an
eps2pdf conversion or just allow output as eps. I could see where that
might be appropriate, and how it might actually be a useful
intermediate step for OCR, dire as OCR still is.

Danny Staple

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