Identifying Albums

Dave Cross dave at
Tue Apr 25 10:18:16 BST 2006

This feels like something that someone should have already written,  
but I can't work out which chain of CPAN modules I need to string  
together to do it.

I have a number of CDs that I want to get rid of. I'm probably going  
to put a lot of them on eBay. In order to do that I want to include  
track listings and other CD information in the auction description.

Most of these CDs haven't been ripped so I don't have nicely tagged  
Oggs or MP3s hanging around. So what I want is a program that does  
part of what CD ripping programs do when you put a new CD in the  
drive. It needs to connect to a music recognition service  
(MusicBrainz?), identify the CD and then write a file containing as  
much of the CD information (title, artist, list of tracks) as possible  
to a text file.

Does anyone have any pointers?



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