Identifying Albums

Earle Martin perl at
Wed Apr 26 01:05:40 BST 2006

[Sorry for thread breaking, I'm nomailed at the moment]

Pete Sergeant wrote:
> I saved myself a world of hassle taking my CDs to a second-hand CD
> store. Averaged about 3 quid a CD, which, factoring in time, postage,
> etc, I was happier with than trying to ebay 200 CDs.

Seconded. is a strong possibility - although
results can vary depending on the staff you deal with. Bring two bits of ID.
The good thing about this lot is that even if you don't get a good price for 
the CDs, they can give you double their cash offer in MVE tokens, which can
work out very well considering they have shops selling books, DVDs, music,
clothes, furniture....

Earle Martin

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