[OT] : Free IT kit if you can collect it from E1

Paul Orrock paulo at digitalcraftsmen.net
Tue May 2 14:41:45 BST 2006


We have some old kit that needs a good home and before I freecycle it I thought I'd ask here.

Dell Precision 220 in a tower case P3 667MHz, 640Mb RAM, CDROM, USB, Network, FDD, No HDD, 

Dell Precision 210MT in a tower case, Dual P3 500MHz, 256Mb, CDROM, USB,  Network, FDD, No HDD, dual graphics card

Compaq Deskpro P166MMX, 64Mb in a small desktop chassis, No HDD

Compaq Deskpro AP400, desktop chassis,  dual P3 600, 768Mb, CDROM, No HDD

MONITORS (all working)

Dell M990 (19" CRT) x 2

Sony G400 (19" CRT) x 2

Compaq V70 (17" CRT) x 1

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