Perl API to Lucene

Marvin Humphrey marvin at
Thu May 4 17:57:55 BST 2006

Jonathan Peterson wrote:

 > Kinosearch is a Perl search engine inspired by [P]Lucene rather than
 > replicating it, and it's performance is in the same range as Lucene
 > (though still significantly slower).

For now, that is...

Benchmarking performance on my G4 laptop
     version 0.08      148.71 secs (6 reps, truncated mean)
     version 0.09_03    92.94 secs (6 reps, truncated mean)
     version 0.09       73.51 secs (6 reps, truncated mean)

I have not yet begun to optimize.  :)

 > It uses a good deal less RAM however.

At index-time, this is because KinoSearch uses a different and  
theoretically better merge model than Lucene.

I haven't yet measured search-time RAM usage in a controlled  
experiment.  However, Lucene and CLucene store all text in RAM using  
UTF-16, whereas KinoSearch doesn't care what encoding you use.  For  
text in Latin-1, UTF-8 and similar, that means the cache of the term  
dictionary ought to take up a lot less space.  I plan to exploit this  
by making it possible to import the entire term dictionary into RAM  
rather than just a portion as is now the case with both Lucene and  
KinoSearch, which will mean fewer disk seeks and ultimately, faster  

Looking forward to some healthy competition,

Marvin Humphrey
Rectangular Research

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