[JOB] London-based Perl Coder

Nigel Hamilton nigel at turbo10.com
Sat May 6 07:40:40 BST 2006


 	Trexy/Turbo10 is looking for a London-based Perl OO Programmer (3+ 
years experience) to help with the following projects:

 	* XML Feed Aggregator
 	* Email filtering and marking up in HTML
 	* Large scale spidering
 	* Web browser history file processing
 	* Website stats generation and reporting

 	You will need to know Perl, Linux, MySQL, XML, HTML, CSS and 
Javascript. The job is a succession of mini-projects over the summer that 
you can do at home. You need to be highly productive with little or no 

 	If you're easy going, a good person, don't mind working at home, 
have the next 3 months free, and like learning then please send me your CV 
directly (no agents).

Nigel Hamilton
Trexy + Turbo10 Metasearch Engine
email:	nigel at turbo10.com					4 Ivory Wharf
tel:	+44 (0) 207 450 0221 					4 Elephant Lane
fax:	+44 (0) 207 232 4867					London SE16 4JD
http://turbo10.com		Search Deeper. Browse Faster.

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