[OT] Cat needs a new home

Earle Martin perl at downlode.org
Tue May 9 23:14:45 BST 2006

[Crossposted, apologies if you get this more than once; also apologies if
it's far too offtopic.]


Due to illness, my mum can't look after her cat any more and so I need to
find it a new home. The cat in question is a small black shorthair female, 
neutered, about seven years old and in excellent health (although faintly 
podgy of late). She's extremely affectionate, playful, and great at catching 
mice. I don't think she's toilet trained, as she generally spends most of her 
time in the garden; she probably wouldn't be very happy living in a flat.


If you're in the London region and might be interested in taking care of
this little kitty, please mail me offlist.

Thanks, and sorry again for offtopicity.


Earle Martin

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