london barcamp

Jonathan Peterson JPeterson at
Wed May 10 17:25:08 BST 2006

> Hoorah. Now we have a conference for people who are not interesting 
enough to
> be invited to Foo Camp but none the less think they have some kind of 
> right to have people more interesting than them entertain and instruct 
> In BitTorrent terms, all leechers, no seeders.

This reminds me of Paris a while back. Some painters who weren't 
interesting enough to be invited to the Salon de Paris, got in a right 
strop about it. So, they set up this stupid event called "Salon des 
Refusés camp" which was basically all leechers and no seeders. I wasn't 
there, but I'm told the event was a complete waste of time and nothing 
came of it.


[runs away, as usual]

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