[ANNOUNCE] GLLUG Meeting - Thursday 25th May - Filmlight & GLLUG Quiz

Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Wed May 10 08:08:08 BST 2006


On Thursday 25th May we have GLLUG meeting starting at 19:00....

We will be meeting in the New Cavendish Street campus of Westminster
University. This is in the shadow of the BT Tower, the nearest tube
stations are Great Portland Street, Warren Street and Goodge Street.
You will find a map at:


NOTE: you will need to sign in at the front desk to gain access to the
building. More information is available on our website

This event is FREE to members and non-members alike. Our two segments
will be a talk by Filmlight and the GLLUG Quiz night


__Filmlight and Linux__

Linux has become the dominant Unix based operating system for film
production. The use of Linux in CGI is well known, ranging from
massive render farms to workstations running the Linux versions of
applications like Maya and Shake. A less well known area of film
production that Linux is making inroads into is grading, where all the
elements of a film are assembled and digitally manipulated to complete
the final look of the film. The Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI)
specification calls for a resolution of 4096x2160 at 24 frames a
second. Real time manipulation of simultaneous DCI streams requires
data rates of over 1.6GByte/s and dozens of terabytes of online storage
per feature. To achieve this Filmlight has developed a novel, video
oriented cluster architecture based on a customised version of Linux,
both of which will be the subject of this talk.

FilmLight is a supplier of digital film technology, founded in April
2002 by former members of the Technical and R&D team of The Computer
Film Company (CFC). Since then FilmLight has grown to over 50
full-time employees with headquarters in Soho and offices in Los
Angeles, Chicago, Sydney and Auckland.

__GLLUG Quiz night__

This event will be a light hearted quiz on the topics of Linux and
Free Software. None of the answers would be found on a Man page and I
think it is going to be a lot of fun for the competitors. You will be
competing in teams of 4 for a goodie bag each full of Linux 
"bits-and-bobs" There is also an overall prize which the winning team 
which they could share or decide to compete individually for.

I would like to thank our friends who donated prizes for the event. It
is a great demonstration of their commitment to our community to so
readily offer prizes.

CheepLinux - http://www.cheeplinux.com

Novell - http://www.novell.com

Positive Internet - http://www.positive-internet.com

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