[JOB] Business Frameworks Developer @ Fotango

Mark Fowler mfowler at fotango.com
Tue May 16 12:06:33 BST 2006

Fotango are seeking a developer to work in their Frameworks team,  
back end software for their lead product, Zimki (http://www.zimki.com/.)

About You

The _ideal_ candidate would have the following skillset:

* Perl

Expert knowledge.  Written and published several Perl modules to the  

* JavaScript

Good understanding of the core language up to and including 1.4.
Understanding of JavaScript OO, use of closures.
In-depth understanding of the DOM and browser intricacies NOT required.

* C

Competent C programmer.  Have used XS to bind existing C libraries to  
Understanding of garbage collection.

About Fotango

Fotango regularly host and sponsor open source events in London and
throughout Europe. We use open source software for much of what we  
do. We
also release a lot of what we write back as open source.

Sound like the place you'd be interested in working? Please send your  
CV to
jobs at fotango.com

Full Time, on site, with travel as necessary.
Competitive Salary and bonuses and benefits.
Successful applicant must have permission to work in the UK.



Please could applicants send their CV to the above address rather than
replying to me directly (or to the list) so we can make sure that we  
track of all of them.

Also, just to let anyone know who's quick off the mark:  We (most of
Fotango) will be in France for the rest of the week climbing,  
canoeing and
wine-tasting, so we'll probably not be able to reply until next week.

Feel free to pass this mail on to any other interested groups.



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