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Simon Cozens simon at
Sat May 20 14:02:16 BST 2006

Jonathan Stowe:
> > I'm still looking forward to the day we see mod_bbcbasic. Web programming
> > will never be the same again.
> Don't just don't. You never know who is listening.

 % cat hello.bas 
10 PRINT "Content-Type: text/plain"
30 PRINT "Hello world!"

 % curl

Hello world!

 % cat /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.4/Apache/ 
package Apache::Basic;
use Language::Basic;
use Apache::Constants;
sub handler {
    my $r = Apache->request;
    my $f = $r->filename;
    -r $f || return DECLINED;
    my $program = new Language::Basic::Program;
    return OK;

Britain has football hooligans, Germany has neo-Nazis, and France has farmers. 
-The Times

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