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Andy Armstrong andy at
Sun May 21 00:47:02 BST 2006

On 21 May 2006, at 00:35, Peter Corlett wrote:
>> I guess it'd do about 0.7 - 1.0 giga-ops / second. At which speed BBC
>> Basic would be quite quick :)
> It was only quick becase it never bothered with garbage collection.  
> You'd
> probably find that a faster CPU would just cause it to consume 1GB  
> of RAM at
> much the same rate that a BBC B managed its 27-odd kB.

That's not quite true - the memory usage of long running programs  
tended to settle down if they were written with memory allocation in  
mind - it didn't actually steadily consume RAM as it ran unless you  
were doing something that made it do that. It was something you had  
to think about though.

ObBeebTrivia: I wrote some BCPL the other day...

Andy Armstrong,

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