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Andy Armstrong andy at
Mon May 22 12:55:24 BST 2006

On 22 May 2006, at 10:39, Peter Corlett wrote:
> Is this releasable yet? I'd love to have a play.

Yup. Here you go. Please only use the BASIC rom image if you have a  
real Beeb in the loft :)

Only enough O/S stuff supported to get it running and support LOAD  
and SAVE - other things (sound etc) will produce error message. Ctrl- 
C not trapped yet - I'm planning to map it to Escape. OSCLI (*  
commands) are passed to the shell so


would list files. *quit (redundantly given the non-trapping of  
SIGINT) gets you out.

To test it I built the same thing in C using an existing 6502  
emulator and made both of them produce trace output in the same  
format - then I ran a bunch of little tests in Basic and compared the  
traces - so the instruction set is only tested as far as BBC Basic  
exercises it.

Andy Armstrong,

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