DNS services

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Tue May 23 09:30:04 BST 2006

Despite having a computing degree from one of the finest (if not 
funnest) universities on the planet, 10 years worth of professional 
computing experience and 12 more years than that of what I like to call 
$other_experience - despite all this and despite having written code for 
everything from Fujitsu AP3000s to PICs to Dragonball Arms to Quad Xeon 
Machines, despite all this ...

DNS just doesn't do it for me.

Conceptually I *get* DNS. Even the file format of, say, BIND isn't that
complicated. But somewhere between theory and practice it all falls
down. Like a teenage boy with only a grubby copy of the Joy of Sex
tucked under his matress attempting his first fumbling amorous advances. 
Or something.

So I'd like to offload the problem. the name DynDns sprung to mind and 
so I tootled over to their website and Lo! it seemed like they offered 
me exactly what I want. 

Only ...

Look, I don't mean to sound cheap but I'm not paying $24.99 per domain 
per year. $24.99 for the first 5 domains, yeah. Sure. No problems but 
for whatever reason I rankle at that amount.

Does anyone else provide a similar service. Note here that my aim is to 
remove the burden of running a DNS server and so suggestions to switch 
to DJBDNS, Stanford::DNS or any other system will result in a painful 
walrus assisted death (and don't think I can't get hold of a large 
marine mammal at short notice, I have and odd collection of friends). 

This also precludes DNS hosting services that are nothing more than a 
text field which allows me to update a Bind config file - I want 
practically drool proof hosting that sets up the right SOAs, CNAMES, 
Reverse DNS entries and, as an added bonus, SPF and LOC would be nifty 

Any suggestions?


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