A name for something

Peter Hickman peter at semantico.com
Tue May 23 16:28:40 BST 2006

As we know once doing stuff with HTTP was called REST we all suddenly 
became leading edge. Once someone named our existing practise 'Agile 
Programming' we were suddenly following a methodology. Once someone 
coined AJAX all the javascript and css stuff we was Web 2.0 (hey! two 
buzzwords for the price of one). You get the idea.

What I am looking for is a name for the following: "Using REST to 
connect to a database to do the CRUD stuff with XML."

Dom thought that "Database exposing" was a good shot, my best was "SQL 
over XML (SOX)" or "SQL in XML (SIX)".  I really need a good buzzword 
here folks, any ideas?

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