DNS services

Andrew Beattie andrew at tug.com
Tue May 23 19:48:46 BST 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> Look, I don't mean to sound cheap but I'm not paying $24.99 per domain 
> per year. $24.99 for the first 5 domains, yeah. Sure. No problems but 
> for whatever reason I rankle at that amount.
Ummm....  Simon,  the tenner-a-month you pay for membership of  
Ourshack  brings you the privelage
of unmetered DNS service.

The service is a mixture of a nice, easy configure-by-email service from 
blackcat and raw DNS
files at our end.

Andy (Findlay|Wardley)? wrote some instructions here:


The handful of Ourshack members run around 250 domains this way, so it 
is a well trodden path.

Of course, registration of your domain is a different matter.  For 
those, you pay per domain.


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