Cough, AJAX

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed May 24 16:51:08 BST 2006

On 24 May 2006, at 16:43, ben fitzgerald wrote:
> do you think so Andy? Do you think browser compatibility will converge
> enough to support reliable s/w at a cheap development cost?
> I'm not doubting you, just interested in your slant on this. I had
> installed a couple of webmail clients (zimbra and scalix) that use  
> ajax
> and they impressed me.

Well I was being a bit tongue in cheek - but yeah, I think it's  
inevitable that we'll see more sophisticated client side  
applications. If the whole area wasn't so littered with buzzwords and  
hype I think even more of us hard core techies would be excited about  
it :)

It doesn't in general make much sense to have an application's  
generated by the server when you can offload that work to the client - 
and- get a better UI as a result.

Andy Armstrong,

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