Cough, AJAX

Ian Malpass ian at
Wed May 24 20:27:08 BST 2006

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> On 24 May 2006, at 20:11, Dominic Mitchell wrote:
>> Whatever you do, though, make sure you use a library.  No point in 
>> reinventing the wheel...
> Uh huh. I'll have a look at Prototype ta.

You should look at Scriptaculous, too, which is built on Prototype: 
<>. (One of the links to Prototype documentation 
is on the Scriptaculous wiki.) It adds some extra client-side 
functionality to Prototype, like drag-and-drop, etc. - much of it is 
visual fluff, but some of it's useful, and some of the fluff is quite 
nice to have too.


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