Nodnol bound

Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed May 24 21:00:39 BST 2006

I appear to have accepted a job in Wimbledon. The main downside to this is
that I currently live in the arse end of Warwickshire and so commuting is
rather out of the question and I need to relocate. The object of the
exercise was to get out of the damn place anyway. The banjo-playing keeps me
awake and I was starting to get stirrings for the local sheep.

Anyway, does somebody have a recommendation as to where I should look for
somewhere to live and/or is still planning the geekhaus proposed on this
here list a few months ago?

Also, given I don't have a driving license, what would be the suggested way
to move this house full of aging junk ^W^W fine legacy hardware? Anybody
with a van want to be paid for their time in routers, dual-processor
curiosities, and obscure cables? ;)

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