Cough, AJAX

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Wed May 24 21:57:30 BST 2006

Matt S Trout wrote:
> Dominic Mitchell wrote:
>> I have to admit, I checked out dojo from svn to try and have a nose 
>> around.  I kind of gave up after seeing how much of it there actually 
>> was.  The ajaxian tutorial you linked to was slightly better at 
>> comprehending what's in there (but those boys really need to learn 
>> about making source code readable -- margins & indents matter).
> Most of it was pretty well formatted where I could find it; the only 
> issue was to get the tapstop set sensibly.

I was actually talking about the Ajaxian article rather than the dojo 
source.  What I saw of dojo looked quite readable.


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