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Thu May 25 19:35:39 BST 2006

Je 2006-05-25 11:44:31 +0100, Andy Wardley skribis:
> BTW, Wimbledon is the last stop on the underground.  If being near to a 
> tube station is important then you probably don't want to go any further 
> out of London than Wimby (aka into the "sticks").  Otherwise all those 
> places have train stations with direct lines to Wimbledon and on to 
> Waterloo.

Having lived around there (Southfields) I can assuredly say it's a pain
in the ass if you have any kind of central- or east-based social
life. Even with a bicycle & motorbike it was a pain in the ass, altho
considerably more tolerable. Andy's right about the tube - it's a long
ride home.

The thought of living even further out is too horrifying to contemplate...

Je 2006-05-25 12:14:53 +0100, Jonathan McKeown skribis:
> Yes. I recently found myself in a hotel bar just outside Pretoria, with eight 
> South Africans, one of whom had never left SA, but the other seven of whom 
> had all (at different times) lived in what they affectionately called 
> Wimbelfontein.
> I told this story at a dinner party a couple of weeks later, and all four 
> South African guests had also lived in Wimbledon.

There are even more in Southfields; anecdotally I've heard 25,000
which for a single tube-stop is quite a few. Demographic: Jo'burgers
in Southfields, Zims in Wimbledon.. It was quite bizarre, and cool,
discovering my cousin from SA I hadn't seen in decades lived 200m away.


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