ora owns web2.0 - and will sue your ass if you try to use it

Chris Devers cdevers at pobox.com
Mon May 29 02:40:46 BST 2006

On Sun, 28 May 2006, Jacqui Caren wrote:

> jesse wrote:
> > Nope. But there is more information there, especially on the nature 
> > of the mark, what happened, what the resolution was and the fact 
> > that they're sorry.
> No they are NOT sorry - they are unhappy about the negative publicity 
> and are prepared to let this *years* conference use the mark, but 
> still want to stop anyone else *world wide* organising web2.0 
> conferences.
> This is a microshaft and they deserve all the negative publicity they 
> are getting - and worse.
> They charge ~3000 USD for a web2.0 conf and the .ei conf charges 
> 50EUR? No wonder they are so shit scared of competition.

Call the next conference web3.0 and let people in for free. 

There, everybody's happy. 

Can we have a *real* issue to debate instead? 

This one sucks. 

Chris Devers

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