ora owns web2.0 - and will sue your ass if you try to use it

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Mon May 29 15:40:03 BST 2006

On 29 May 2006, at 13:50, Pedro Figueiredo wrote:

> why the or's?

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro. Because thats the way the world works,  
everything is
a yes or a no, a goth girl good, a smelly whining indie boy bad. Yes  
indeedy. Just
like ORA is either all sweetness and light or the evil agents of  

There is of course no room here for any grey, no chance that they could
just be a company that probably already have a legal framework with  
CMP which
restricts them a little and probably the C&D went out before some of the
senior guys had a chance to look at it. And no chance that they might
not take similar action outside the realm of conferences/books. They  
be either good or bad, black or white.

As the sacred and ancient texts of slashdot tell us,

	Two opinions enter.
	One opinion leaves!

	After some people shout their opinions out and don't listen to
	the other side's opinion and eventually one side gives up.

So it is written and so shall it be.[1]


[1] Unless Dan Brown retells the sacred text with a little bit of  
artistic license.

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