[ANNOUNCE] [REMINDER] Social Meeting this Thursday, 8th June @ The Founders Arms

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Mon Jun 5 17:13:38 BST 2006

The weather report says that this Thursday is going to be Sunny and 


So, unless we're being lied to - which we probably are - we should be 
spending this Thursday evening relaxing outside the Founders Arms on 

Please, do come join us.


It will be an ideal to turn up if it's your first time - with a vast
expanse of pasty, monitor tanned flesh being exposed to what is
cheerfully referred to as "The Day Star" - if you have problems spotting
us then just look for the people in the ThinkGeek t-shirts blinking
confusedly (is that even a word?) and muttering something about "good
specular effects" and "awesome soft shadows".

Given enough Cheeky Vimtos (search for it, I dare you) Tom Hukins may 
reprise a scene from Jonathan Stowe's Stag Do on Saturday and swing 
dance naked on the bar. Preferably the bar of a good, wholesome 
family vegan restaurant although I can't go into more details until the 
charges have been filed. 

Anyyyyyyyyway. Now the standard blurb ... 

  Social meetings are a chance for people to meet up face to face for a                               
  quiet drink (alcoholic or not) A fair chunk of Perl is talked at the                                
  meetings, but also people who have no interest in the language often                                
  pop along to socialise.  There's no charge to enter, no agenda, and we                              
  tend to think of it more as pleasant drinks rather than any serious                                 
  People normally turn up after work, and many stay until closing time.                               
  Food is normally consumed at the pub by those wanting nourishment                                   
  though sometimes small groups of people head off for food either                                    
  during or after the meeting.                           

Directions from Blackfriars

  Walk out of the tube station on and turn left (north) up Blackfriars. 
  Keep goiung until you've hit the river and then turn right (east) and 
  head in the direction of London Bridge, The Tate Modern and The Globe. 
  The Founder's Arms are on the Millenium Mile overlooking the river and 
  right next to the Millenium Bridge

Directions from London Bridge

  Come out of any one of the myriad of tube exits and head towards 
  Vinopolis and The Anchor which are both by the river. Walk west along 
  the Millenium Mile past the Globe and the Tate Modern.

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