Sending mail with attachments from a shell script

the hatter at
Thu Jun 8 14:53:54 BST 2006

On Thu, 8 Jun 2006, David Cantrell wrote:

> I need to send an email, with an attachment, from a shell script.  Any
> suggestions?
> mutt -a isn't appropriate.  Nor is perl.

I'm curious as to mhy mutt isn't an appropriate tool - is it some sort of
allergy to mutt (try antihistamines) or is pine -attach(list) ruled out
for some similar reason.  How about MUAs that aren't named after items
people often have allergies to ?  The cruftier ways to do it tend to
involve mail, plus a handful of uuencode and sed bits, which may just as
well be perl (or some other modern strings-savvy language) in most

the hatter

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