Wish list [was: Social Meeting this Thursday, 8th June @ The Founders Arms]

Sue Spence virtualsue at pennine.com
Thu Jun 8 21:29:30 BST 2006

Dominic Mitchell wrote:
> Sue Spence wrote:
>> David Alban wrote:
>>> On 6/8/06, Peter Corlett <abuse at cabal.org.uk> wrote:
>>>> I'd quite like to see Debian package management on OpenBSD or Solaris.
>>> I'd like to see solaris ship with vim as part of the core os, at least
>>> in addition to, if not as a replacement for, vi.  solaris vi is as
>>> dumb as a united states president.  And it wouldn't suck too badly if
>>> they made /bin/sh a link to bash, or some posix-aware version of sh.
>>> Oh, and screen, as part of the core os, would be nice, too.
>> I vehemently protest this horrendous slur on traditional (classic) vi.
>> I had a quick look at solaris 10 before I shut down my ultra 5 for the 
>> last time last year, and it looked very much as though it had morphed 
>> fairly completely into linux.
> You'd think so, until you're reminded that tar still doesn't take a -z 
> flag.  How many years?

I work for a company which at one time had shedloads of Sun gear which, 
as it goes EOL, has been steadily replacing same with RH linux. This has 
not been a completely uncomplicated migration, but overall it's working 
out very well.

However, well before we got to this stage, our kind sysadmins put gnu 
tools where we can easily find them at the same time that they install 
multiple versions of Perl and a vast array of modules. There is no need 
to suffer.

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