Replacement for GD

Andy Armstrong andy at
Mon Jun 19 00:20:38 BST 2006

On 18 Jun 2006, at 23:25, the hatter wrote:
>> GD's OK - but it's a bit long in the tooth and it's support for
>> antialising and postscript style path functions is limited.
>> Does anyone know what the hot ticket C (or C++) 2d graphics library
>> is? I'm looking for something GPL that I can wrap up in a GD like
>> Perl interface.
> ImageMagick ?  Even the author of GD expressed mild disbelief that  
> there
> weren't a shedload of IM APIs to make it pretend to be GD, and save  
> on the
> hassle of installing IM, GDv1 and GDv2.

Quite by chance I discovered AAG this afternoon:

The rendering is absolutely stunning - but it's not terribly well  
documented and it's an awkward API to wrap for Perl use. Once I get  
some more time I think I'll come back and look at implementing a GD  
emulation wrapper for it.

Andy Armstrong,

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