[EMERGENCY SOCIAL] Schwern is in town

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Tue Jun 20 11:15:51 BST 2006

Michael 'Schwern' Schwern in is in town at the moment due a series of 
invents that include the words 'Ass Clownery' and 'Air Canada' both 
which have the initials A and C. Coincedence? We think not!

He needs to leave at $silly_o_clock tomorrow morning and ask for helpful 
mongers to aid him passing the time this evening.

Therefore I propose we meet at around 6:30 in The Pillars of Hercules on 
Greek Street


I might be a bit late but I shall join shortly after.


X-Gleitschirmfliegen: macht Spaaaasss!

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