single file mirror, minimal data transfer. ant at
Thu Jun 22 10:30:16 BST 2006


I am looking for a module that performs local mirroring of a remote file using minimal data transfer.

I am parsing a log file that is stored on a remote server (windows) several times an hour, and I want to fetch a local copy. 

I can cobble something up using seek, but I am hoping something more elegant/tested already exists.  The remote file grows and then is shortened as it rolls over. If the remote file is smaller than my local copy I need to trash my local copy. If the remote file is larger than my local copy I can assume it is just an appended version of my local copy. I am not worried about checksumming the remote copy up to the size of my local copy.

Ant 'avoiding-rolling-his-own-since-1970' M.

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