single file mirror, minimal data transfer.

Ant Mitchell ant at
Thu Jun 22 22:17:10 BST 2006

 > File::RsyncP might be a good start. Let me know if this does the  
trick, as I'm interested for something I am working on.
 > Ivor.

Well, File::Rsync requires rsyncd, and File::RsyncP would not compile  
on my windows boxen, and looked like it was going to require  
something on the server.

I can't install anything on the (windows) server anyway, only have  
file level access.

I made my own script using seek() that will keep two directories in  
sync, with minimal data txfer, although it does not quite work  
perfectly for some files, due to stat() returning different file  
sizes locally and remotely, even though they have the same content.  
Probably something to do with windows that I haven't worked out yet.

Ivor, Its pretty trivial, but if you want a copy drop me a line.


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