[OT] Help needed: finding temporary accommodation for a friend

Earle Martin perl at downlode.org
Sun Jun 25 17:55:48 BST 2006

[Crossposted, sorry if you get this twice]


We have a friend who's been staying with us for the last month or so during
a period of being temporarily between jobs and homes. We've been helping him
get back on his feet - he's a talented DJ and simply needed a base while he
got his career rolling again - during the time he's been with us he's landed
both a radio slot and a club residency. Unfortunately however we simply
can't offer him the same space during the next three weeks because of a
visit from family members from abroad, which we've only been made aware of
at extremely short notice. The financial situation is also not sufficient
that he could simply get a hotel or hostel somewhere, otherwise we would
have done that.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for how we could find him a place for
a while - squat, temporary lodging with friends? - then we'd be very
grateful. In fact, a squat situation would be ideal. If you know of a vacant
location in reasonable condition, we'd even help in cleaning it up.

Since this needs to be quick as possible, a call would be even better
than an email - my numbers are at http://downlode.org/log/Contact .



Earle Martin

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